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by Literacy Volunteers and Advocates on 03/28/14

Heather Kuta spent years in the Coast Guard protecting our nation's shoreline. Now, she continues to serve by volunteering as a tutor with LVA and teaching a math class at Wardman Court. 

Heather's latest detail is to assist with administrative tasks at the LVA office. Characteristically, Heather, who was raised in a military family, is pleased to accept the extra assignment. 

"I knew I'd have free time when I left the Coast Guard," she explains, adding that her mother was a literacy tutor when her father was stationed in North Carolina. But Heather's work extends beyond a sense of obligation to carry on her mother's good work. 

"I love to read. It frustrates me that there are other adults who cannot share in the same pleasure," Heather explains. What is satisfying about the math class she instructs is "the small victories" she sees happen. 

"It's always very exciting when someone in a math class grasps a concept they had previously not been able to master."

Math literacy is important and Heather agrees too little emphasis has been placed on upgrading the poor math skills that too many DC adults possess. But those small victories in math that matter to Heather can yield a big pay-off  for the learners. 

Many occupations, notes Heather, including those such as dressmakers and construction workers, must be able to make precise measurements. People who shop for their families can benefit by knowing how to calculate percentages so they can figure out the prices of items being sold at discounts.

Heather says, "It is exciting to see people who have been told constantly throughout their lives that they cannot do things set out to prove to those people that they are more capable in many, many ways."   




by Literacy Volunteers and Advocates on 12/16/13

LVA's holiday party occurs on Tuesday, December 17 from 10 AM - 2 PM at 635 Edgewood Street, NE. It's on the 9th floor. Please contribute to the spirit of giving by bringing a dish of food for others to enjoy. The holiday party is a great way to meet LVA learners, tutors, and staff in an informal, festive atmosphere. 

 For more information, call (202) 387-1772. 

Remembering Donnell Williams

by Literacy Volunteers and Advocates on 12/12/13

The joyousness of this holiday season was broken for LVA learners, tutors, and staff with the news that adult learner Donnell Williams had died. 

Mr. Williams' life serves as proof that you are never too old to learn. As LVA lead instructor Leitha Wilson recalls, Mr. Williams' time with LVA is a record of continuous achievement since joining LVA.  

"Over the years with LVA, Donnell was proud to be able to complete his own money order and to move into his own apartment, complete applications with minimal help, pass the driver’s test, purchase a truck, and vote for President Obama, his first time ever voting," says Ms. Wilson.

That record of accomplishment was cut short much too soon this November.

Please remember Mr. Williams in your prayers. 

Mr. Williams' funeral will be held on Saturday, December 14 at R.N.  Horton's Funeral Home on 600 Kennedy St., NW. The viewing will start at 10 AM. The service will be held at 11 AM. For more information, call (202) 829-9000.

LVA is thrilled to announce that two of its learners have
been featured on NPR (88.5 WAMU) as part of a five-part
series on Adult Education called Yesterday's Dropouts. The interview can be found by clicking the WAMU link below. We are so proud of our learners and their dedication to literacy.