Advocacy & Press

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep the community 
engaged and aware of our media presence in the 
District, we have expanded our efforts to give you the 
latest news as it pertains to the state of LVA. Your
unwavering support has been invaluable and as such,
one of our goals is to keep the public informed on the
changing state of Adult Education in DC. 

In March, two LVA learners were featured on NPR (88.5 WAMU) 
as part of a five-part series on Adult Education called 
Yesterday's Dropouts. The interview can be found by 
clicking the WAMU link below. We are so proud of our learners 
and their dedication to literacy.   

A Soundbite From Last Decade:

In 2003, 98.7 WMZQ broadcasted a show called 
Spectrum. On several occassions they collaborated 
with LVA, then known as Literacy Volunteers of 
America, through highlighting DC's longstanding 
illiteracy crisis. Dial back the clock and tune in.