Our Partners

LVA works with other literacy providers in the Washington, D.C. area to provide the full range of services to adult learners.

ProLiteracy: our international affiliate, which provides resources and referrals to agencies worldwide. 

Adult Literacy Resource Center: a central resource for adult literacy. Located in room 300 of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library, the ALRC offers resources, tutoring space, and practice GED tests for adult learners.

Academy of Hope: our sister organization, located next door at our Edgewood Terrace Complex. After gaining basic literacy skills with LVA, many learners enroll with Academy of Hope to earn their GED, EDP, or even transition to college. 

Southeast Ministry: a holistic service provides in Southeast DC which offers education, job readiness training and other programs that build self-esteem.

So Others Might Eat- Center for Employment Training (SOME CET): SOME provides job training courses for living wage fields. LVA provides tutors for students who need the basic skills to enter the program.

Washington Literacy Council: a literacy program which, like LVA, offers services to adults reading at the lowest levels of literacy.

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