Literacy Volunteers and Advocates is a 501(c)-3 non-profit dedicated to addressing the core, hidden problems of illiteracy at both an individual and community level by tailoring its programs to the thousands of adults in DC who are coping with illiteracy caused by learning challenges. 

About Us

LVA helps adult learners:

  • Gain confidence in their intelligence by identifying and overcoming long-held learning challenges with reading, writing and math.

  • Transform their ability to secure, maintain and manage life’s basic needs: 
    employment, housing, health/safety, transportation, social services, education, and citizenship.

  • Feel respect, trust, and acceptance in a learning environment and in their communities.

  • End the cycle of illiteracy in their families.

  • Take charge of their education, by giving them real-world tools and resources.

Our Commitment

LVA serves members of our community who read and write below a sixth grade level. We provide a goal-oriented, learner-directed educational experience that enriches all aspects of learners' personal, civic and professional lives.