Process of Enrollment

  1. Students (or someone on their behalf) call LVA first to express their interest. 

  2. We will then call back to make an appointment to do a one-on-one meeting with student. 

  3. Student fills out an application that asks the student to provide background about themselves. 

  4. Student takes a CASAS and WIST placement test so that LVA knows what grade level the student is in. 

  5. After the test is scored, the student is then enrolled in an available class according to their grade level. 


Benefits of Enrollment: There are so many benefits to enrolling as a student at Literacy Volunteers and Advocates!  

  1. What learners are taught in the classroom can be directly applied to everyday, real world scenarios like reading bus signs, the time on a clock or their mail. 

  2. Learning how to read gives them the confidence to venture farther out than their comfort zone because they are now equipped with the skills to navigate this world. 

  3. Students use the skills learned at LVA to fill out applications for jobs, welfare services, healthcare and other much needed services.

  4. Skills taught to the learners allow them to participate in social activities like bible study and studying for their driving test.