Thank you for your interest, no tutor services are currently being offered. Please check back in January.

One-to-One Tutoring

The tutoring program is the core program of LVA. We provide individualized, learner-directed instruction through trained volunteer tutors. The instructor teaches skills that are relevant and important to the individual's self-identified goals.


Regarded as one of the most effective methods of basic literacy instruction, one-to-one tutoring focuses entirely on adult learners' particular needs, interests, and strengths. Learners and tutors meet once a week at times and locations that are mutually convenient. Many learners meet at D.C. public libraries.


Before being matched with a tutor, we require all learners to demonstrate commitment by attending small-group classes for about a month.


Learner FAQS


At a study room of a DC library, the most popular being Shaw.


At the mutal convenience of the learner and the tutor. You can definitely meet on nights and weekends!


A typical tutor is female, 30-40 years old and college educated, is very motivated to help and lives in Northwest.

How often?

Weekly for an hour or more.

For how long?

We ask you to commit to a year, just as we ask the tutor to commit to a year.