Tutor Resources


  1. Tutor Reports: Click here to submit your tutor hours along with any questions or comments.
  2. Ongoing Training: From time to time, we hold tutor networknig events or ongoing training workshops. Check here to see if we have any upcoming events.
  3. Lesson Planning
    • Student Interactives: lesson plans and ideas for interactive activities with phonics and literature.
    • LD Online: comprehensive information and strategies for working with learning disabilities.


  1. Phonics
    • Starfall: online phonics lessons and simple stories
    • Kidzone phonics: printable worksheets for phonics and word families
    • Sound City Reading: printable worksheets for phonics including vowel sounds, letter blends
  2. Reading Materials
  3. Spelling/Grammar
    1. Spelling City: insert your spelling words and the site will help you practice them
    2. English Grammar Guide: grammar lessons and parts of speech for advanced students


Math/Financial Literacy

  1. Math Drills: a plethora of free worksheets for any kind of arithmetic.
  2. Consumer.gov: lessons on financial literacy
  3. Practical Money Skills
  4. Math is Fun: Math lessons and games by grade level


  1. Online Tutor Resources: Feel free to contact us for more information about resources that might be right for your student.
  2. Life Skills: Help learners practice different life skills.

Thank you for your interest, no tutor services are currently being offered. Please check back in January.

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